I have been using the services of Homefield Growers for over six years and can honestly say that there hasn’t been a single reason not to be anything other than impressed and grateful for their professionalism and quality of supply. With sixteen outlets to supply across the Randalls estate they are able to sustain a level of consistency that would envy any company whilst maintaining the family run business ethos. When needed the provenance is exciting and communications to relay this information is as passionate as you could imagine. Trevor, Pete and Catherine are a great family to deal with and come very highly recommended.
Peter Brewer, Randalls Limited

Powered by the Sun

Here at Homefield’s we’re going green... We want to preserve our planet and the beautiful island we live and work in. That’s why we are now one of the biggest producers of solar energy in the Channel Islands. Sometimes the produce we sell has travelled thousands miles before it reaches our fridges, so to help reduce it’s carbon footprint we are keeping it cool with the power of the sun! Our solar array was installed with the help of Mark at Sun Works, check out the live output data from our panels below...